5 Questions to Ask When Touring an Assisted Living Community

Utah Assisted Living Association member community image of staff and resident embracing

There are so many things to consider when looking for a senior living home for your loved one. When visiting an assisted living community, be prepared with questions. The staff are happy to help you navigate this big decision.


Here are the key questions to ask when visiting a prospective assisted living community:


1. What is the community culture?

This is a question you may be able to answer for yourself. Observe how clean the building is, if the staff seems friendly, what the energy is like throughout the building, and what kind of activities are available to residents.

2. What kind of care plan is available for my elderly relative?

Ask how daily tasks such as medication, grooming, diet, transportation, and housekeeping are met. The community may be able to customize a care plan for the needs of the resident.

3. Who will be taking care of my loved one?

It’s important to get to know the staff. What kind of training do they have? How many employees are there?

4. Is the facility part of the Utah Assisted Living Association (UALA)?

UALA provides resources and answers to assisted living communities across Utah. The association is devoted to caring for members and focused on providing the tools needed to be successful. If you are looking for assisted living outside of the Utah area, ask for the the survey results from the most recent state health department visit. These organizations will ensure that standards are being well maintained.

5. What are the qualifications for residents to live here?

Facilities will most likely have questions for you too! Assisted living communities have qualifications in place to help them determine if your senior is a good fit for their community as well.


If you are touring multiple facilities, be sure to take notes and stay organized so you remember details about each place. These conversations will make it easy to discover where your senior will be happiest. The Utah Assisted Living Association (UALA) is another great resource to help families through this process.

For more information, visit https://utahassistedliving.org/.