How UALA Board Member, Devoted Employees Help Assisted Living Residents Live Their Best Life

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Image Courtesy: The Ridge Foothill/Facebook

 “Over the past year, we’ve become like family.”

Salt Lake City’s The Ridge Foothill is a community filled with love.

“Helping people live their best life is what makes it fun,” said Executive Director Bobby Ginn.

The father of four has been part of The Ridge for almost three years but originally began his journey in Senior Living a decade ago.

“I enjoy working with a team of individuals that want to provide nothing but the best for the residents in the community,” he said.

With over 100 employees who love what they do, The Ridge is less like a facility and more like a family.

“They all get my shout out; they work so hard and have great attitudes!” Ginn explained.

During the pandemic, everyone had to think outside of the box quickly- an area that this community thrives in.

“Over the last year, we’ve become more like family together. We were sitting in resident’s doorways playing games like Bingo in their halls and doing crafts in small groups,” Ginn said.

He and his employees also ensured that the assisted living residents stayed connected to their family through today’s technology.

“We were teaching them how to use Zoom and now they’re all experts at using Facetime and Zoom!” Ginn added.

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This heartfelt commitment to seniors, paired with the ability to make a difference, is what brings Ginn to work every day - and why he decided to join the Utah Assisted Living Association (UALA) board.

“The organization provides resources and answers to assisted living communities in Utah. I became a board member so I could help UALA continue to grow and progress so our staff and residents can have more,” Ginn explained.

Whether it’s through the support that UALA provides, the personal relationships fostered, or the exciting activities affectionately planned, the people at The Ridge are truly making an impact on the assisted residents they serve.