How to Volunteer at an Assisted Living Community for the Holidays

Snowman smiles and waves

Looking for ways to give back this holiday season? Here are some volunteer ideas to help assisted living communities near you this year.

Assisted living, like so many industries, has been greatly impacted by the staff shortages in our country. This year, give back to the community by sharing your time and talents. There are many ways to help.

Get Started

  • Choose a senior community to volunteer at. UALA has a list of facilities in their network who welcome volunteers:
  • Call in advance! Ask what the facility needs help with, propose an activity you can lead, and ask what rules or restrictions they may have for guests
  • Schedule and plan accordingly
  • Share your efforts with friends. Help get the word out about volunteer opportunities and projects at the senior center and encourage your friends and family to get involved with you

Entertain Residents

Whether you are comfortable in the spotlight or have stage fright, seniors are the most encouraging and welcoming audience.

  • Sing Christmas carols
  • Perform a skit
  • Tell jokes
  • Do a magic show
  • Play an instrument
  • Lead a sing-along
  • Read a holiday story

Share your knowledge

Teaching a class or introducing a new game is a great way to spend time volunteering at an assisted living center.

  • Lead a workout class for seniors
  • Show a group how to play a new board game
  • Teach a baking class
  • Offer music classes
  • Start a knitting group
  • Do a holiday craft together
  • Hold a computer or smartphone class

Acts of Service

You don’t have to be a social butterfly to make an impact. If you prefer not to conversate or entertain, then acts of service are the way to go.

  • Help clean the facility and equipment
  • Help fix things around the building such as broken light bulbs, wheelchairs, painting, etc.
  • Gardening- bring in flower arrangements, or help with outside yard work
  • Shovel snow
  • Help decorate rooms for the holiday
  • Prep, serve, and clean up during mealtimes

Other ways to serve seniors this holiday

There are countless ways you can help bring joy to the seniors in your community.

  • Write a holiday card to residents
  • Play cards
  • Just sit and talk
  • Bring your pet in for residents meet
  • Drive them to appointments or activities
  • Help them Christmas shop online

Volunteers are welcome all year long, not only during the holidays. Seniors like to have fun, learn new things, and have so much to offer. We hope this list of ideas inspires you to get involved with the seniors in your community.

If you are looking for an assisted living facility to volunteer at, check out our list of Utah senior communities.