Cameron Harris

Cameron Harris


Chief Sales Officer

SAL Management

The following reasons I would like to serve:

1) I would like to use my talents and skills to serve the greater assisted living community and to advocate for the wonderful residents and teams that care for them.

2) I tend to think out of the box and I would like to help formulate creative solutions to difficult challenges and advocate for such a vulnerable population.

3) I recognize the greatness of the shoulders of the previous board members and how much good was accomplished by them and I would like to continue the legacy.

4) I currently work as the CSO for SAL management and I meet with and work along side of the teams of many communities. I can bring their perspectives to UALA. I can accurately represent their concerns, successes, and I relate well with them.

5) I speak with residents on a daily basis and I understand their challenges and their needs. I can accurately represent them and their concerns and desires.


1) My willingness to donate my time, talents, skills, and capabilities to serve in any way possible and I love the teams, families and residents.

2) I have worked in healthcare my whole life. I understand and I have worked at many levels in assisted living communities starting with caregiving all the way up to my current position as CSO.

3) I have helped struggling communities become successful and I have celebrated the success of great teams.

4) I have attended several Dave Ramsey's Entreleadership Summit Seminars, and Dave Ramsey's Master Series which taught me how to become a better leader and it strengthened my ability to work in teams and run businesses at a higher level. These opportunities were provided to me by SAL Management.

5) I am a certified instructor for Integrity Sales Solutions. This is the modal that I have used to lead sales teams to great success and how to do it with integrity. I love helping teams and individuals find personal success.

6) I believe that the individuals in our industry are special and are truly blessings to seniors and families all over Utah and through out the world.

7) I work with SAL Management on the Executive Team helping our communities care for our residents in the best way possible and find great professional and personal success.

7) I have a degree in Business Administration.