Vance Child

Vance Child


Family Tree Assisted Living

Executive Director

Vance is a very dedicated individual who loves the industry. He has so many contacts and friendships he built over the several years he’s been working in Senior Living. He’s a very loyal and honest person who enjoys engaging and collaborating with others. He would be such a great asset to the association and would help grow membership. He also loves planning golf events!

15 years in Healthcare

Masters in Healthcare Administration

Experience in marketing, administration, and mid level management

I want to nominate Vance Child! He is an incredible administrator!

Vance is an awesome director.

I would like to nominate Vance child. He works very hard to keep his communities running smoothly and happy. He is very knowledgeable in the ALF community. He is an absolute rockstar!

He has been essential to the marketing of multiple AL’s, and he just took a different job to help oversee multiple buildings!

I would like to nominate Vance Child. He has always consistently been there to help me out in my time as an administrator. He cares so much about the people and goes above and beyond the regular job requirements